I love the outdoors! What a person perceives as beautiful varies, depending on where you are from and where you live. For me, being outdoors is just a great feeling as it appeals to all the senses and gives instant stress relief.

After living in Dunedin in New Zealand and Bergen in Norway, I am currently in Australia. I am uploading photos from holidays and exploring different cities, landscapes and adventures.

When I get the time I like to just slow down and take in the surroundings of nature. I take the time to look at what is out there and then shoot away until I find a photo that I am happy with.

About me

After a year in Dunedin, New Zealand, and Bergen in Norway, I have embarked on my latest adventure in Australia – A year working holiday Down Under. I share here my observations of adventures, hikes and places I have observed through my camera lenses. With this page I will share my passion for travel & photography, much like a virtual postcard and as of the start of this year also my blogging diary.

Most of my photos where taken with a Olympus Pen Lite 3 or a Nikon D5300 and a set of different lenses such as the Tamron 18-200mm and a macro Four Thirds Pancake 18-35mm.  Occasionally I add other photos,  taken by other people of me or with me to tell you their story of our trip.

My latest adventures