Bavaria & Austria

At the start of the month my twin and I set off on a roadtrip to pick up our sister in Switzerland who was moving back home. On our way to Switzerland my twin and I made a stop in Munich to visit a friend and initially planned on spending the first proper night in my new converted mini camper Big Berta.


We traveled just about 7 hours by car to Munich today and it was extremely hot and nerve wrecking with lots of street traffic, so we decided to go to the Riemer lake in Munich to cool off, go for a swim and play a few card games. The night was very hot so instead of sleeping in the van we ended up sleeping on my friend´s couch and decided to leave early in the morning to Walchensee for a breakfast stop, nice views before heading to Samnaun Switzerland. We found a perfect parking spot at the Lake, set up Big Berta and enjoyed a coffee and Müsli during out two our resting break.

A night in a wine barrel and a panorama hotel

We continued our drive to Samnaun in Switzerland to meet our sister, enjoy some duty-free shopping and cheap refuel. Since we sisters have not been able to spend too much time reunited we decided to enjoy a few more days in Austria together and headed to the small Austrian village Kolsass near Innsbruck and stayed a night in this super cute Wine barrel. The weather never really picked up again so for the next two days we didn’t have much of a summer vacation as we thought. The next day didn’t clear up either hence why we checked ourselves into a nice hotel with a beautiful panorama view top watch the clouds hover over the mountains.

Glamping in the country side

Unfortunately the weather did not improve over the last two days so we had to reluctantly cancel the plan of heading to the region of the Nationalpark Berchtesgarden in south Germany. I had wished to visit and take photos of the mountain ranges at the Königssee but it didn´t look very promising with the weather warnings. Instead we already started heading towards out hometown in West Germany and booked ourselves another special accommodation. A night glamping in the country side near Würzburg definitely made up for the missed opportunity of sun, vacation and beautiful lakes. To sum it up, un fortunately I did not exactly test run Big Berta completely, however I still was lucky to spend some quality time with my sisters and explore some beautiful spots despite the pitiful weather. At least I knew I would be going on a road camping trip to the Mosel wine region the following week so that I wasn´t too upset about only having a coffee and reading a few pages of my book inside Big Berta on this trip.

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